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Ecologically brilliant.

As the sustainable building material par excellence, wood deserves just as much natural treatment. With its new [eco] range, the premium supplier brings together Remmers' decorative protection and refinement for wood and sustainable action without any loss of quality. Because all Remmers [eco] products are consistently based on sustainability principles that take the entire lifecycle into account - from development and production to packaging and logistics, right through to application, use of the treated components and finally disposal. The new and innovative product range includes new products, all of which have been developed on the basis of renewable raw materials.

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Your benefits at a glance

professional quality, workmanship and durability
free of biocides
low emissions in production and application
based on renewable resources
healthy living (indoor and outdoor)
ecologically and economically outstanding
food safe
can be recycled
multiple certified

Certified safety of Remmers [eco] products

The blue Angel (Der Blaue Engel)

Many water-based products bear the environmental label of the Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Building and Nuclear Safety "Blauer Engel".


Many Remmers products have been tested in accordance with DIN EN 71-3 - as one of several criteria for the suitability of toys according to the EU "Toys Directive" (2009/48 / EC).


Our products are of the highest quality, the highest precision and are 100% self-developed. For this reason they carry the title "Made in Germany".

VOC certified

Many Remmers product solutions fully comply with AgBB's requirements for the emissions of construction products. This is confirmed by external tests.

Food safe

Remmers [eco] products, which can come into direct contact with food in their field of application, meet the requirements of food safety.


Correspondingly marked Remmers [eco] wood paints contain no raw materials of animal origin.

The Remmers [eco] range.
Now available in stores!

Our Products and its story

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Julia Christe, 44


I live with my family near Rostock. We live on a farm built around 1850 with a variety of animals such as donkeys, horses, dogs, cats and goats.

In the course of the constant renovation and repair of the residential building and the surrounding stables, I am anxious to protect and preserve the existing substance as originally as possible.

I rely on Remmer's [eco] products as they stand for professional quality, long-term protection, sustainability and a healthy living environment.






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